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A guide to navigation and search in the National Transportation Library's digital repository

How to Submit Datasets

Submitting Data

  • All datasets submitted must conform to the National Transportation Library's Collection Development Policy:
  • If, after reading the Collection Development Policy, you would like to submit a dataset, please email so that we can discuss your submission.
    • In your email, please describe:
      • the dataset; 
      • its size; 
      • the number of files; 
      • any naming conventions;
      • the file types;
      • the original research project or report for which the data was gathered, or include a link to the report if possible;
      • the reason you believe the dataset should be included in ROSA P; and,
      • your complete contact information, including phone number.

Dataset File Types

Dataset Size

  • Datasets can be of any size and there is no limit on the number of files. However, if you are submitting a larger datasets (more than 20 MB), please request that NTL set up a secure large file transfer for you in your email.


Dataset Persistance


Data Package

In order to maximize data findability and reuse, all datasets submitted for inclusion in ROSA P should be as robustly described as possible. Our preferences is for a complete Data Package, which contains the following elements:

  • The Dataset;
  • The original Report for which the data was collected (either in PDF or a link to its current web location);
  • A human-readable Readme.txt file which includes:
    • data dictionary;
    • Notes on standards used;
    • Defines the meaning of zeroes, nulls, and blank fields;
  • A machine-readable Metadata file (.xml or .json) in a published standard;
  • A human-readable Data Management Plan, as described at "Creating Data Managment Plans (DMPs)"
  • Any supporting files, tables, etc.; and,
  • Codes or scripts used in data analysis.

If you are unfamiliar with documenting dataset, please contact the NTL staff at so that we can help. NTL does have templates of the Data Package items to help you along.

Thank you.


Digital Curation