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A guide to navigation and search in the National Transportation Library's digital repository

Advanced Search in ROSA P

How to Use Advanced Search 

Advanced Search allows for a targeted search.  Go to ROSA P Help for detailed advanced search field descriptions.    

You can find the Advanced Search form by going to ROSA P link here and selecting the Advanced Search link located below the main search box on the homepage.   An Advanced Search link is also located in the top right corner on every page, below the search box.

image of ROSA P main page search box with Advanced Search link highlighted           image of Advanced Search link in top right corner of page     

The Advanced Search form provides robust searching capabilities within ROSA P.  The default is to search across all of DOT ("All Collections").  Use the drop down menu in the search form to select a Collection, if applicable.  From the drop down menus in the selection boxes, you can add up to 3 additional fields for limiting search.  Selecting Publication Date allows you to specify a date range.  


Click Search to complete the search.












Advanced Search Results



Advanced Search results look different than Basic Search Results.  At the top of the search results, you may see some of the search terms displayed.  However, not all of the search boxes you filled will be visible. 

To return to the Advanced Search form, click on "Refine Advanced Search."