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Transportation Sustainability Guide: About This Guide


TKN stands for "Transportation Knowledge Network," a group of regional transportation libraries and organizations formed to increase access to transportation information and provide cost-effective, new and improved services for member libraries and their users. This video explains the roles of the three regional Transportation Knowledge Networks.

Sustainability in Transportation

Originally created by librarians from the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network, this guide identifies resources in sustainability for practitioners in transportation operations planning, design and management.  Innovative strategies, best practices, and solutions for achieving sustainability, and minimizing the impact of the transportation infrastructure on the environment, are presented in the guide.

This Wildlife Crossing Reduced Vehicle Collisions by 85 percent--Wyoming Department of Transportation

Installed in 2012, this wildlife crossing over Highway 191 in Wyoming provides safe passage for pronghorn, allowing them to make their ancient seasonal migration unharmed. According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, wildlife-vehicle collisions here have been reduced by more than 85 percent by the crossing.


Current Compiler(s)

Lamara Williams-Jones
North Carolina DOT Library

Past Compilers

Many thanks to everyone who has worked on this guide!

Betty Ambler
Connecticut DOT Library

Sandy Brady
Louisiana Transportation Research Center Library

Helen Linda
Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)

Lynn Matis
Massachusetts DOT Library

‚ÄčJane Minotti
New York State DOT Research Library

Carol Paszamant
New Jersey DOT Research Library

Jess Wallis
National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP)

Laura Whayne
Kentucky Transportation Center
University of Kentucky

Past compiler listed libraries may not represent current places of employment