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State DOT Organizational Charts: Home

Provides links to agency organizational charts, past compilations, research on state DOT organizational structure and some departmental/unit organizational charts.


This guide was last verified or updated on September 23, 2021.

Links to Organizational Charts

State Link More Information

Org chart (April 2021)


Org chart (August 2020)

Divisions & Sections
AZ Org chart (Nov. 2019)  

Org chart (Mar. 2021)


Caltrans: Org chart (Aug. 2021)

LA Metro: Org chart (FY2020)

Some programs, divisions and districts have their own organizational charts.
CO Org chart (Oct. 2020)  
CT Org chart (Aug. 2021) Bureaus
DE Org chart (Aug. 2021) Divisions
DC Org chart (June 2021)  
FL Agency org charts Offices and Divisions
GA Org chart (Aug. 2021) Offices and Divisions
HI Highways Division org chart (Dec. 2020) About Divisions

Current copy on intranet only

Org chart (2019) -- see page 2

About ITD - click on tabs for Executive Team or Department Services
IL Org chart (Aug. 2021) Organizational structure
IN Copy on intranet only Central Office Divisions
IA Org chart (Aug. 2021) Divisions and Bureaus
KS Org chart (Feb. 2018) Executive Staff
KY List of all org charts  
LA Org chart (Sept. 2021) Divisions
ME Org chart (Sept. 2019) Bureaus and Offices
MD Org chart (June 2021)  
MA Org chart for Office of the Sec. of Transportation and Public Works Highway Division
MI Org chart (Aug. 2021) Bureaus and Offices
MN Org chart (Jan. 2021) See pulldown menu to view charts of individual offices.
MS Org chart  
MO Org chart (July 2021)  
MT Org chart (Sept 2020)  

Current copy on intranet only

Org chart (May 2019) -- see page 3

Divisions & Districts

Current copy on intranet only

Org chart (2017) -- see slide 8

NH Listed on website but no link provided Divisions, Bureaus and Districts
NJ Org chart (July 2021)  
NM Org chart -- see page 8 Highway Operations Program
NY Org chart (Dec. 2019) Divisions
NC Org chart (June 2021)  
ND Org chart (Sept. 2021)  
OH Org chart (Sept. 2020) Divisions
OK Org chart (Sept. 2021)  
OR Org chart (Oct 2019) Divisions
PA Org chart (April 2021)  
RI Org charts for Main, COO & Chief Engineer  
SC Org chart (Sept. 2021)  
SD Org chart  
TN Org chart (Aug. 2021)  
TX Org chart (Sept. 2021)  
UT Org chart To access division specific org charts please visit the Division pages available under About Us.
VT Org chart  
VA Org chart (Sept. 2021) More about Divisions in 2021 Organization Guide
WA Org chart (Nov. 2019)  
WV Org chart (April 2021) About Agencies
WI Org chart (Oct. 2020)  
WY Org chart (Aug. 2021)  


Guide Author

Renée McHenry, Transportation Librarian (Retired), Missouri Department of Transportation

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