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NTL Section 508 Accessibility Guide to Digital Submissions

Accessible Fonts

In terms of font accessibility, there are a number of principles to keep in mind

  • Use real text rather than text within graphics.

  • Select basic, simple, easily-readable fonts.

  • Use a limited number of fonts.

  • Ensure sufficient contrast between the text and the background.

  • Avoid small font sizes.

  • Use relative units for font size.

  • Limit the use of font variations such as bolditalics, and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • Don't rely only on the appearance of the font (color, shape, font variation, placement, etc.) to convey meaning.

  • Avoid blinking or moving text.



Watermarks make it difficult for people with low vision to read the body of text in a document.  Additionally, watermarks are not accessible to screen readers; they must be tagged and meet contrast.  The best practice is to put information such as disclaimers on a separate page as text.