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Hidden Treasures: Finding the Transportation Information You Need: Guide to Information Resources and Research Assistance

Recommended Resources

The Recommended Resources in Transportation from Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network libguide was developed by transportation librarians from Massachusetts DOT, New Jersey DOT. NYSDOT, and the University of Arkansas. It covers a broad range of topics from research data bases, agencies, terminology, standards and specifications, statistical resources and major online publications. Some resources found in this collection are also discussed elsewhere in this guide.

Writing Effective Reports

When your project takes you beyond gathering information on subject topics, and requires you to organize the information into a concise, understandable report format, it can be helpful to have guidelines to follow.

Literature Searches and Reviews

A literature search is a well-planned, organized investigation and collection of the literature available on a given topic.  A literature review expands on the literature search, providing an analysis, evaluation and summarization of the collected materials.  This publication offers a comprehensive guide to creating both literature searches and reviews, as well as providing examples and resources.

Citation or Reference Management Systems

These software systems allow the user to record and save bibliographic information.  Some information can be exported directly from databases and other search platforms; other requires manual input.  Once entered, the software can generate citations in various styles and standards, and can be organized and re-used to create bibliographies and reference lists.  They also allow the user to enter notes associated with a citation, which can be helpful when working on literature reviews. Some systems, such as EndNote and RefWorks, are subscription based, while others, such as Zotero and Mendeley, are open source - although not all agency firewalls allow the use of open-source, fully cloud-based software.