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Purpose of this LibGuide

Photo of a highway in Nevada

Image courtesy of Pixabay. Permission: CC0 Copyright Commons

This LibGuide brings together resources of interest to transportation engineers who work at state DOTs and other transportation organizations, and offers a contemporary one-stop portal for transportation information. Each organization offers access to information resources in different ways.  You should contact the librarian or staff member responsible for publications in your organization to determine what resources have been purchased for your use.  Librarians can get you started on finding literature based resources that might assist you in your work.

This LibGuide was updated and links were checked on August 1, 2023.

What is a TKN?

The acronym "TKN" stands for "Transportation Knowledge Network," a group of regional transportation libraries and organizations formed to increase access to transportation information and provide cost-effective, new and improved services for member libraries and their users.  This video explains the roles of the original three regional Transportation Knowledge Networks (now part of the combined National Transportation Knowledge Network).

Guide Authors

This LibGuide is edited by members of the National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN).

It was originally created by members of the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network (ETKN), now part of the National Transportation Knowledge Network. Contributing authors at the time included Patricia Kirkwood, University of Arkansas Libraries; Lynn Matis, Massachusetts Department of Transportation Library; Jane Minotti, New York State Department of Transportation Library; Carol Paszamant, New Jersey Department of Transportation Library; and Laura Whayne, Kentucky Transportation Center, University of Kentucky. Some authors have since retired or now work for other organizations.