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Research Tools

A guide to transportation research sources with an emphasis on government information and materials in the public domain

US Department of Transportation Libraries

 blue triskellion  The National Transportation Library (NTL)  Link to NTL homepage  

  • NTL Digital Repository ROSA P 
  • The National Transportation Library provides national and international access to publicly funded transportation research results.  NTL’s primary products and services are the Repository and Open Science Access Portal (ROSA P), Ask-a-Librarian virtual reference desk and knowledge base, research data management guidance, and coordination of the National Transportation Knowledge Network. 

  blue triskellion  Federal Highway Administration Research Library  Link to FHWA Research Library

The Federal Highway Administration Research Library provides collections and services that support the research needs of FHWA staff, regardless of location. The library collection includes books, technical reports, standards, and journals covering subjects related to pavement and materials; bridges and structures; operations; and safety. 

ROSA P Collections:

  Volpe National Transportation Research Center Library  Link to Volpe Library

The Volpe Library plays a vital role in the Volpe Center community by providing information support to its staff members engaged in transportation research, as well as to the general public. With over 32,000 books and technical reports covering all modes of transportation, 180 professional and general interest journals, and 250,000 microfiche titles, the library's collection represents a significant wealth of transportation literature. 

Federal Aviation Administration  Federal Aviation Administration Technical Library  Link to FAA Library

The FAA Technical Library located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center provides services in support of the research and development, test and evaluation mission of the Technical Center, as well as the research activities of the international aviation community and the general public. Our collection includes technical reports produced by and for the FAA since 1960, a 15,000 volume book collection, and professional engineering journals. Commercial subscription services to a wide collection of scholarly journals, ebooks, conference papers, theses, etc. are available to FAA employees and support contractors. The library’s public access catalog provides access to digitized reports and other materials at no cost. 

Federal Aviation Administration  FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) Library  Link to CAMI Library

The CAMI Library, located in Oklahoma City, supports the needs of its research staff.  Collections is focus on aviation medicine, materials on human factors, engineering, management, and general reference.