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Research Tools

A guide to transportation research sources with an emphasis on government information and materials in the public domain

Indexes to government information products and results of publicly funded research

ROSA P  Link to ROSA P  Founded as a born digital library, the National Transportation Library’s collections include full-text digital publications, datasets, and other resources. Legacy print materials that have been digitized are collected if they have historic, technical or national significance.  An open access repository, ROSA P is designated as the full-text archive for the results of USDOT-funded research under its public access plan. Collections in ROSA P are available without restriction to transportation researchers, statistical organizations, the media, and the general public.  NTL collects resources across all modes of transportation and related disciplines, with specific focus on information produced by USDOT, state DOTs, and other transportation organizations. Content types include text, datasets, images, video, other multimedia, and maps. 

USDOT Research Hub  Link to Research Hub  Searchable database of USDOT-sponsored research, development, and technology project records. The database acts as a central repository for information on active and recently completed projects from USDOT's Operating Administrations, providing a comprehensive account of the Department’s research portfolio at the project level. 

TRID  Link to TRID  Produced and maintained by the Transportation Research Board of the US National Academies, TRID sponsorship includes operating administrations within the US Department of Transportation.  The database contains over 1.1 million bibliographic records for books, conference proceedings, journal articles, and technical reports of transportation research.  Coverage is worldwide.  TRID indexes and directly links to a significant portion of the research reports archived in ROSA P.

TRB Research in Progress  Link to TRB RIP  Information on more than 14,000 current or recently completed transportation research projects. RIP records primarily are projects funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and State Departments of Transportation. University transportation research also is included in the database.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)  Link to NTIS  Home to Federal Data Products including the National Technical Reports Library (NTRL)  Link to NTRL

US Government Publishing Office (GPO)  Link to GPO  GPO is the official source for publications and information products of the Federal Government.

GOVINFO  Provides portal access to important catalogs and databases, including:

WorldCAT  Searchable, union catalog of libraries worldwide.