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AASHTO Digital Publications: Basic Information

This LibGuide shares information in one place on suggestions for how state DOTs can manage the AASHTO E-Publications process. Prepared by a member of the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network in consultation with AASHTO's Publication Department.


Pending Registration Expirations

Title Expiration Date
April 2018 Update to the Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, and the AASHTO Provisional Standards, 2018 Edition (HM-WB) 4-13-2019
AASHTO Partnering Handbook, 2nd Edition (Item Code: APH-2-UL) 5-07-2019
Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation, Final Report, 2018, Based on FY2016 Data 5-17-2019


Latest News

4-8-2019 Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet. Updated gatekeeper transmittal email example.  
2-5-2019 Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet. Some titles where there were forthcoming dates for 2018 and 2019 have been edited to show that forthcoming dates are not certain. Added next several titles that will expire.  
12-7-2018 Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet.  

Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet.

See AASHTO Publications Gatekeeper email (assume process will change after 11-9-2018)

Upcoming publications no longer provide months (just "to be released in 2018")

Added example of how Montana DOT is handling AASHTO e-pubs internally.


Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet (always include new information about publications in production)

Updated links to reflect new bookstore URL

06-26-2018 Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet.  
06-19-2018 Added copy of publications agreement.  
06-04-2018 Added new box for Handling Errata to Best Practices page.  
05-11-2018 Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet.  
04-16-2018 Uploaded Carol's poster presentation on AASHTO Digital Publications that she gave at the TRB Annual Conference in January 2018 (plus a flyer about the LibGuide). See presentations box below.  

Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet

2018 Materials Book published.


Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet

MBE-3 PDF early on could not be retrieved but that's been fixed.

Contact Michele Langham ( if you missed a transmittal email.

The Materials Book April 2018 update is on schedule. You may receive emails saying your single user web-based license is coming to an end. The Publications Dept. said this is automatically generated and doesn't mean you have another subscription to the publication. So ignore the email for now.


Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet

Added note about availability of third web-based version of LRFD Bridge Design Specs that can be purchased (state DOTs already received complimentary print and PDF copies last year) & updated a few new expirations.




Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet

AASHTO announced availability for purchase of print or single user PDF copies of subject compilations for 2017 Materials Book.This is outside the complimentary publications program for state DOT members.

11-30-2017 Updated historical transmittal spreadsheet  
11-20-2017 Uploaded revised Access Instructions for Missouri DOT (staff can now install FileOpen software using MoDOT's Software Center; does not require administrative access to a PC)
10-24-2017 Uploaded IDOT Library Intranet page, LA DOTD LTRC Shared Drive Instructions, and MnDOT Deputy Commissioner email to staff
October 2017 Updated Registration information to include issues encountered when another staff member registers for a publication before the library (or designee) does


Guide Authors/Contacts

Renee McHenry
Transportation Librarian
Missouri Department of Transportation

Erin K. Grady
Director of Publications Production
(202) 624-8182
egrady AT