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Traffic Count Methodology and Technology: Home

The Oregon Department of Transportation Transportation Data Section is evaluating their current methods of gathering and processing traffic count data.  This guide provides a sampling of state DOT traffic monitoring program web pages, results from a survey to state DOTs, and a listing of resources, including reports, articles and documents related to the gathering, processing and use of traffic count information.

This guide is produced through a platform provided by the National Transportation Library, and is maintained by the Western Transportation Knowledge Network (WTKN)

ODOT Traffic Counts

Instrumentation used for permanent and short-term traffic counts at ODOT


ATR with loop setup         


   Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) with Loop






Short-term class-count tubes



   Class Count Tubes






Installing camera for short-term counts  Installing camera for short-term count






Guide Author

Laura Wilt, MLIS

Librarian, Oregon Dept. of Transportation

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This guide is a product of the the Western Transportation Knowledge Network (WTKN), a diverse group of transportation organizations from AASHTO Region 4 focused on improving the access to transportation information, data and research to help the entire community. Membership includes libraries representing state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), academic institutions, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and private industry.  Learn more about us.

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