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Rail-Highway Crossings - FHWA Section 130 Program: Home

Section 130 Program

This guide explores best practices in decision-making for projects associated with the FHWA Section 130 program for at-grade highway/rail crossings.  Information is provided on methodology and guidance used by states to determine potential projects, and research on safety practices at crossings. State DOT pages that simply give information on the program were not included unless they contained links to further guidelines. A section includes resources on investigating accidents at or near rail/highway crosses, as well as studies of driver behavior and perception when approaching rail crossings. 

Links lead either to full-text reports (or points of access to full-text), or to the abstract of the report.  Items that are not available through open access can be obtained through interlibrary loans from other libraries.

General Information/FHWA/FRA

The FHWA program site - Railway-Highway Crossings (Section 130) Program - offers information on the program, as well as resources and access to some of the state safety plans.Resources include:

TRB also maintains a page of resources: Highway/Rail Grade Crossings Information Resource Center . This site includes links to TRB-produced materials, as well as other research.  Several of the UTC research links in this list are broken; the current links to the reports are provided in the UTC box.

State Information

The 10 states with the highest average numbers of highway/rail crossing incidents 2006-2008 were required to develop and submit a state highway/rail grade crossing action plan.  Those states, and their plans:

Other state-produced guidelines and manuals include:

Compiler of this Guide

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