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Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN)

MTKN website


Q) Who can join MTKN?
A) Membership is open to libraries, organizations, associations, and individuals with a professional interest in transportation. There are three categories of membership:

  • Full membership is available to a transportation library within AASHTO Region 3, with an organized collection maintained by a professional/paraprofessional librarian.
  • Affiliate membership is available to an organization or entity with a significant portion of their collection devoted to transportation.
  • Friend membership is available to individuals, associations, and other entities interested in the initiatives of the MTKN, along with the development of their own transportation­related organizations, transportation networking in general, or related professional interest. This category includes emeritus members of MTKN.

Q) Are there annual dues or a cost to join?
A) No. Membership status (Full, Affiliate, or Friend) is granted after a vote by the current full membership. Full Members have full voting status.

Q) How often does MTKN meet?
A) MTKN has an annual one- or two­-day meeting and convenes bimonthly in a one ­hour webinar meeting.

Q) Why should I consider joining MTKN?
A) MTKN provides many benefits, including professional support and development, cost savings through shared resources like interlibrary loan, and collaboration opportunities. A new librarian may rely on MTKN to get up to speed quickly, while a seasoned veteran may be inspired by the fresh ideas and optimism of a new librarian. You can view comments from members on the value of their MTKN membership.

Q) Does MTKN have bylaws?
A) Yes, please see our MTKN bylaws document.

Q) Whom may I contact to learn more?
A) Please send us a message.