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Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN)

MTKN website

Welcome to the MTKN

Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge in St. Louis, MO. Courtesy of Missouri Department of Transportation.

Our Mission

The purpose, or mission, of the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN) is to provide support, guidance, and leadership in the development, curation, and dissemination of information and data necessary for the furtherance of research in the field of transportation. MTKN works in a complementary and symbiotic manner with the National Transportation Library, the Eastern and Western Transportation Knowledge Networks, and other like-minded groups to achieve the overall goal of a unified and strengthened transportation-information infrastructure.

Better Coordination

The MTKN was the first group created as part of a larger effort to form a National Transportation Knowledge Network.

Laying Groundwork

MTKN has been successful in coordinating community efforts and implementing a wide variety of projects to improve access to transportation information.


The MTKN boasts a broad membership from multiple backgrounds.  Currently, seventeen members across nine states utilize the MTKN as their regional source for transportation information.

Contact us to learn more about becoming an MTKN member.


Chair: Renée McHenry, Missouri Department of Transportation Library

Chair-Elect: Vacant

Immediate Past Chair: Gwen Wang (Former), Portland Cement Association Library

Recording Secretary: Marie Manthe, Kansas Department of Transportation Library