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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and their Effect on Drivers When Used for Transportation Applications: Public Perception of Domestic Drone Use

Awareness and Attitude

A survey to gauge public perception of domestic drone use showed a lack of knowledge and understanding of drone use in US airways, with 44% expressing a fairly low level of awareness.  However, there was a relatively high level of support for some applications including:

  • Search & rescue (88%)
  • Fighting crime (63%)
  • Homeland security (67%)
  • Commercial applications (61%)

The lowest level of support was for routine, everyday use (43%), which could include general transportation use. (Eyerman et al.,2013). An Australian report found a generally neutral attitude toward drone use – perhaps largely from lack of knowledge of the technology - although there were concerns expressed regarding privacy, military use and misuse, as with terrorists. (Clothier, 2015)  A 2013 survey by Monmouth University showed even less support (21%) for drone use to monitor traffic enforcement laws and issue speeding tickets (Manzella, 2015).