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A guide to navigation and search in the National Transportation Library's digital repository

How to Send Textual Materials to NTL

Reports and Textual Materials

Submit reports and textual materials as links or attachments in email sent to

For batch submissions, use one of the following methods: 

For more information about digital submissions, go to Submitting Content link here

NTL Digital Submissions

Collection Policies

Digital submissions must comply with National Transportation Library Collection Development and Maintenance Policy link here.

  • NTL collects across all modes of transportation and related disciplines
  • Sources of materials include USDOT, state DOTs, local and tribal road agencies, university transportation agencies, and other transportation organizations
  • Legacy content is collected if it is of historical or national significance
  • Submissions must be 508 compliant to the greatest extent possible, any items requiring remediation will be returned to submitter.  For more information, go to Accessibility:  NTL Section 508 Accessibility Guide to Digital Submissions link here.  Please note, SPR funded reports that are not 508 compliant will be archived but not published.
  • NTL does not archive external websites in ROSA P 

NTL acquires the following types of digital works:

  • Digital objects provided by the content creators or owners (a digital object is a unit of information, usually a file)
  • Digital copies of physical objects, digitized at the request of NTL

For a complete list of acceptable file formats, go to Submitting Content link here.  Acceptable formats include:

  • Text
  • Dataset
  • Image
  • Multimedia
  • Maps
  • Metadata
  • Collections