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National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN): Coordination and Administration

NTKN operates as a collaborative alliance with most of its organizational work accomplished by partners, committees, and task forces. In this context, an alliance is defined as a voluntary organization of equal partners with mutual interests and goals, operating with minimal overhead and bureaucracy. Responsibilities for coordination and administrative functions of the NTKN lie in the Coordinating Committee.

The NTL director or the director’s designee serves as Chair of the NTKN Coordinating Committee.

Leadership Positions

Designated Chair

Mary Moulton (

Coordinating Committee
The NTKN Coordinating Committee, led by the National Transportation Library, is composed of designated representatives, only one of whom is a voting member, of the following partner organizations:
Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network
Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network
Western Transportation Knowledge Network
TRB Information Services
AASHTO Information Services
Special Libraries Association Transportation Division
Transportation Research Board Library and Information Science for Transportation Committee
National Transportation Library
New Coordinating Committee partners may be added by a simple majority vote of the existing CC.
Members as of August 1, 2019
Bob Cullen AASHTO Information Services
Kendra Levine Western Transportation Knowledge Network
Renee McHenry AASHTO RAC CCTF TKN Working Group
William Mcleod TRB Information Services
Michael J. Molina Western Transportation Knowledge Network
Mary Moulton National Transportation Library
Chris Gomola Mullin Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network
Ed Strocko National Transportation Library
Marilee Tuite Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network
Guiyun Wang Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network
Enid White Western Transportation Knowledge Network
Laura E Wilt Special Libraries Association Transportation Division
Kevyn Barnes Special Libraries Association Transportation Division

NTKN Secretariat

Bob Sweet