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Individual Travel Modeling to Account for Road Network Disruption: Home


This guide

This guide looks at literature and research focused on traffic flow following a disruption in the road network, with an emphasis on studies focused on individual behavior and choices.  Papers that made an attempt to look at individual patterns used several different techniques, including partial license plates, GPS, and surveys. Some of this literature is available full-text, either with a link, or with the document attached.  Others would need to be ordered from other libraries; in that case, the link leads to the abstract. Hovering over the title will give a description and the date of the publication.

Databases used: TRID, Scopus, Google Scholar, ASCE Library

Search terms and phrases included: impact, travel behavior, route choice, adjustment strategies, day-to-day, before-and-after, road closure, road capacity reduction, network disruption, modeling, select link analysis