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NTKN Communications Plan Tasks: Home

task who deadline date completed status  
Produce a bookmark-sized card with key NTKN messages, to be distributed at TRB and other venues; make file available for download Bob, NTL staff 12/31/2018   draft mockup submitted for NTL designer on 11/25/18  
Have a presence at NTL's TRB booth; prepare slides for presentation in booth          
Prepare a list of talking points and an elevator speech and distribute to all TKN members Bob     in revision  
Attend appropriate meetings at TRB and request a minute to speak about NTKN  

12/31/18 request

1/13-17/2019 attend

Seek an opportunity to present on NTKN at next summer's RAC conference Renee        
Prepare NTKN poster for TRB Bob, Leighton     in process  
Examine various possibilities for updated or new video content          
Create and maintain an NTKN blog Bob   11/2018 ongoing  
Send monthly updates to TRANLIB-L Bob     ongoing  
Identify three timely topics in the domain of transportation knowledge and write journal articles for the appropriate transportation journals          
Coordinate regular meetings with the three regional TKN chairs Bob     ongoing  
Begin tweeting under NTL’s Twitter account Bob, Samantha   11/7/2018 ongoing