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National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN): Transportation Research Board Resources

TRID, the TRIS and ITRD Database TRID is the world's largest and most comprehensive bibliographic source on transportation information. It contains more than 1.25 million records of published and ongoing research, covering all modes and disciplines of transportation. The TRID Database is available on TRB’s website at

TRB Library Snap Searches provide a succinct summary of current activities in TRB on a given topic including:

  • A list of recent reports from TRB and The National Academies
  • Current and upcoming projects related to the topic
  • Names of Committees working on relevant issues
  • Upcoming events such as conferences and webinar

Research in Progress (RiP) Database RIP contains more than 12,000 current or recently completed transportation research projects, mostly those funded by the modal administrations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), or by TRB's cooperative research programs.

Research Needs Statements (RNS) Database An important function of TRB is to stimulate research that addresses issues facing the transportation community. In support of this function, TRB Technical Activities standing committees identify, develop, and disseminate research need statements (RNS) for use by practitioners, researchers, and others.

TRB Publications Index Pubsindex contains bibiliographic information on more than 77,000 papers, articles, and reports published by the Highway Research Board, Transportation Research Board, Strategic Highway Research Program, and the Marine Board.

Transportation Research Thesaurus The Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT) is a tool to improve the indexing and retrieval of transportation information. The thesaurus covers all modes and aspects of transportation. The TRT's purpose is to provide a common and consistent language between producers and users of transportation information.

The TRB Library provides reference service to sponsors and staff and offers interlibrary loan service. It is open to the public by appointment. The library’s collection includes US DOT, AASHTO and related transportation organization publications and has a number of transportation and engineering monographs and journals in the general collection. The archival collection of all Highway Research Board, Transportation Research Board, Strategic Highway Research Program, and Marine Board Publications is maintained by the TRB Library.

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