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National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN): Goals and Accomplishments

Recent Accomplishments

  • incorporated dozens of resource guides on a variety of transportation topics into its website
  • working to improve communications and collaborations among the three regional TKNs
  • published Transportation Knowledge Networks: 10 Years after TRB Special Report 284 on the AASHTO website
  • revised and update Guidelines and Governance
  • issued updated digitization survey
  • took over hosting of the three TKN websites
  • presented an overview of NTKN activities objectives and facilitated a discussion of the role of libraries in state DOTs at the July meeting of the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee
  • completed and approved communications plan

Goals We're Working Toward

  • implementing communications plan
  • continue to add resources to the NTKN website that will be useful to transportation researchers, policy makers, and the general public
  • continue to provide and enhance support and services to the three regional TKNs
  • developing strategies to recruit more TKN members
  • developing a task force to work on cooperative digitization
  • preparing communications outreach for TRB 2019