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Wild About Sustainability: Transportation Sustainability Guide

by Bobbi deMontigny on 2020-02-25T15:52:00-05:00 in Sustainable Transportation, Environment | Comments


You’ve put together the infrastructure, but the work is never done. Planning and innovation can help tame the onslaught of changes and impacts on our environment.



The call of the wild beckons


Featured Guide:  Transportation Sustainability Guide -

This LibGuide comes to you from many past compilers and is currently maintained by Lamara Williams of the North Carolina DOT Library.

The platform for this guide is provided through the National Transportation Library

The guide identifies resources in sustainability for practitioners in transportation operations planning, design and management, innovative strategies, best practices, and solutions for achieving sustainability, and minimizing the impact of the transportation infrastructure on the environment. 

Guide Encounter: 

This guide is a planning paradise, and with a little planning the uncertainty of the untamed wild won’t seem so vast.

A welcoming first page greets us in sunny yellows and springy greens. Here you can learn all about the guide and watch a video about wildlife crossings in Wyoming. This video features a pronghorn crossing that has reduced collisions by 85%.

Under general planning there are resources for green construction, financing and decision making, policies and strategies. While you are here, check out The Role of Planning in a 21st Century State Department of Transportation—Supporting Strategic Decision Making and focus those binoculars on what individual states are doing. The FHWA Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Pilot Project: North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority is just one example of assessment and planning to tame the great unknown.

The Energy/Fuels tab has an impressive array of resources from the ordinary, Finances and Planning to extraordinary topics such as Fuel Cells in America and How the Smart Grid Enables Utilities to Integrate Electric Vehicles.

By Air, by Land, by Sea, a flock of avian information will greet you on the Aviation tab. A herd of highway resources assessment tools and wildlife projects grouped on the Highway tab include one titled, Unleashing the Potential: Animal Protection Thrives Under Wildlife Crossing. In Maritime/Port seafarers will discover information on dredging, emissions, and you guessed it, even more planning!

Want to book a tour? The transit section is plentiful with a look at bus services, operations, and Rural Tribal and Small Urban Transit, featuring research such as Creating Equitable, Healthy, & Sustainable Communities: Strategies for Advancing Smart Growth, Environmental Justice, & Equitable Development.

Finally, unearth information with the Agencies/Organizations page. These are split into Federal Agencies and Organizations to help navigate the abundant collection. From here you might stampede over to the US Army Corps of Engineers or fly to the Partnership for Air Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction for help from experienced guides through uncharted territory.


Polar Bear

Sustainability Roars!


About the Authors:

Cara Marcus is the resource center manager of National RTAP 

Bobbi deMontigny is the librarian at the Montana Department of Transportation

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