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The NTL Repawsitory

by Bobbi deMontigny on 2020-06-25T17:43:44-04:00 in Information Management, History, Publishing & Reporting, Data & Statistics | Comments

Featured Guide:  NTL Digital Repository ROSA P -

This LibGuide comes from the National Transportation Library

The platform for this guide is provided through the National Transportation Library.

Guide Encounter:

Take a pause to rest your paws and Learn about ROSA P. the National Transportation Library’s Repository and Open Science Access Portal. 
The front page of the guide explains, “ROSA P is the National Transportation Library's Repository and Open Science Access Portal. Members of the transportation community and the general public can access all the publications and linked open data NTL acquires, manages and preserves for their benefit. With ROSA P, users will find it easier to discover the wealth of transportation information in the repository. ROSA P also offers the promise of reliable, long-term access to this content, as it is built on the Stacks open source platform developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) using Islandora/Drupal/Fedora.  

The name ROSA P was chosen to honor the role public transportation played in the civil rights movement, and also one of the important figures, Rosa Parks”.



Fair use,

This guide is a short but sweet tutorial about the repository. with tabs on the left-hand side to help you navigate. The Basic Search explains how to search by keyword with each tab explaining a little more about the various ways to get your talons on the information you need. 

If your flippers are ready for something more specific the next tab will introduce you to the advanced search within the repository. Building on that, the Collection Search helps you flip through a specific collection, while the following tab explains how to limit search results. One of the special “feetures” of ROSA P is that it allows you to view, download and share results. There is a tab dedicated to showing you exactly how to do that.

undefinedNext, make tracks to the final two tabs. They explain Standard Service Features and Submitting Datasets. This is where you will learn about the types of files NTL prefers, the right size of the datasets to submit, data packages and even a link to help you create your own data management plan. 

One of our favorite conveniences of this guide is the Ask A Librarian button located on the left-hand side on most of the pages. There are also links directly to ROSA P right from the LibGuide so you can hoof it on over to the repository to test out all the new skills you learned in this guide.

If you want to read a report on the Evaluation of Partial Depth Pavement Repairs on Routes Heavily Traveled by Amish Horse and Buggies and many other fascinating resources this LibGuide should get you on the right path.


About the Authors:

Cara Marcus is the resource center manager of National RTAP 

Bobbi deMontigny is the librarian at the Montana Department of Transportation





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