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Let’s Walk (or Bike) to the LibGuide Petting Zoo

by Cara Marcus on 2020-05-28T15:55:00-04:00 in Pedestrians | Comments

Featured Guide:  Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation -

This LibGuide comes from the Minnesota DOT Library.

The platform for this guide is provided through the National Transportation Library.

Guide Encounter:

pig on leash

Integrating pedestrian and bicycle planning into transportation planning is essential in creating sustainable, livable communities. If you want to take a walk (or a ride) through the Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation LibGuide, you’re in luck. On this guide you will find information about bike and pedestrian trails and routes, safety, maps and more.

If you’re ever in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (that’s Minnesota), dash over to the top left tab on Non-Motorized Transportation and click on the Minnesota Bicycle Maps link to search for 196 historic resources on bicycles.   This exciting tab also includes information on complete streets projects, smart cycling, and more.   Amble directly under that to the Pedestrians tab, which opens with U.S. DOT’s Safer People, Safer Streets initiative.If you pedal down to the bottom left Bicycles tab, you’ll find a plethora of information on bicycles, starting with an Interactive Bike-Friendly USA Map by the League of American Bicyclists and a United States Bicycle Routes Map from the Adventure Cycling Association, plus lots of other tools to get you out and biking, such as the FHWA Bicycle and Pedestrian Programdog on leashStride back up to the top center tab, where you’ll find some great resources on pedestrians and bicycles from the MN DOT Library. A nifty feature of their collection is that if you mouse over the “i” button on any of the resources, information about the resource pops up.

The tab at the bottom center position contains Dictionaries, including the MDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Terminology Booklet. Did you know that bollards are wood or metal posts put in the middle of pedestrian/bike paths to restrict access of motor vehicles?  We didn’t either until we read this helpful resource, so thank you Michigan DOT!

And, of course, what’s a zoo without interactive exhibits, so saunter back up to the top right tab, where you can watch videos like Minnesota: Where Every Step Counts, which is about the sensational Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative. For every foot, paw, and claw, steps do count!

paw prints







After exploring all the resources this LibGuide offers, we bet you’ll want to stroll, march, hike and definitely bike right to the Petting Zoo yourself.

About the Authors:

Bobbi deMontigny is the librarian at the Montana Department of Transportation

Cara Marcus is the resource center manager of National RTAP 




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