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Bee Prepared with Knowledge Management!

by Bobbi deMontigny on 2020-08-18T11:18:19-04:00 in LibGuides Petting Zoo, National Transportation Knowledge Network, National Transportation Library, Information Management, Libraries, Infrastructure, Data & Statistics | Comments

Communication, complex construction, environmental control, community development, and resource distribution are all vital to life in the hive. When you want to bring the information about these tasks together to help things run smoothly Knowledge Management is the bees’ knees!

Are you ready honey? Join Bobbi and Cara as we buzz through the latest NTKN LibGuide! 

Featured Guide:  Knowledge management in Transportation

This LibGuide comes to you from the National Transportation Knowledge Network

The platform for this guide is provided through the National Transportation Library

This guide lists learning resources, guidance, techniques, and resources to help you with your KM needs

Guide Encounter:

Bee-hold!! The first thing you will see on this page is the big calendar of events. Wouldn’t you know it? At 2:00 PM today there is an online KM learning opportunity!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

This is an online event. Event URL:

If you are too buzzy to make this one, don’t worry. The next tab includes courses, tutorials and webinar recordings to help you become the Queen of KM in no time.

Following that, you will find loads of case studies to help you tap into the KM hive mind.

Then, under guidance and tools you will get a firsthand look at the successful keepers of information in other agencies. It is all about sharing here. Take some time to comb through it all.

Building useful information systems is so much fun, we just can’t mind our own beeswax. We have to share! Information workers like us will just swarm all over those sweet, sweet techniques in the next tab. This is where the framing and infrastructure comes in. Here you will find the details on:

  • Information Retrieval/Search

  • Knowledge Capture

  • Knowledge Creation

  • Knowledge Organization and Mapping

  • Knowledge Transfer

We care about your success in KM and don’t want to see you get stung. If you start to feel like you are bumbling through, a visit to the Organizations and Contacts tab will give you some experienced resources to call upon as you build up your stores of information. There is also a real humdinger of a list under meetings and events to help you fly past that learning curve in no time.

Finally, the last tab features a list of KM journals. You didn’t think all this information could be stored on a USBee drive, did you? Oh no, there is far too much. We hate to beeleaguer the point or drone on much longer but we recommend bookmarking this guide for your reference as you learn more. It will really help you smoke out the information you need to help keep your colony producing.

About the Authors:

Bobbi deMontigny is the librarian at the Montana Department of Transportation

Cara Marcus is the resource center manager of National RTAP 

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